Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Splat... just waiting on apple..

      Splat is submitted to the app store and waiting for review! It should be up for sale by monday. I captured a quick video of myself playing the game, it's a little grainy and needs a reshoot, but should be enough to give you an impression of how it came out on the iPhone. 
      For those unfamiliar, Splat is port from a previous flash game I made, which is in itself a riff off of Mono, a little shooter I fell in love with several years back. I wrote the flash version in about 4 days, the iPhone version took significantly longer, mostly due to inexperience with the platform and programing language, and having to rework the control scheme a few times to make it feel natural on the iPhone. Overall, I'm pretty happy with the result, even if the process of getting there was a bit bumpy.
       While the app is waiting for approval, I'm taking a few nights off before jumping back into the other games I'm working on (and most likely doing a patch or two for splat if/when bugs crop up). It's really fun to work on your own stuff at night, but you don't sleep much when you do. 

I'll make another post here when it goes live, and as always I'd love to hear constructive feedback on the game and I hope you pick it up and enjoy it. 

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