Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Splat 1.1 finished..

Splat version 1.01 is currently waiting on Apple's approval (actually, it's been waiting since last week). This was mostly a bug fix update, and should be out soon. This version contained:

- Powerup's now blink for 2 seconds before disappearing
- Fixed high score screen crash
- Fixed high score rendering error
- Fixed local/world button acting as toggle
- Fixed High Score screen freeze
- Fixed several save/continue bugs
- Fixed size of subtractive splat when power-ups are removed
- fixed extra release crash  when starting a new game after saving an old one

Version 1.1, which adds some significant new game play options is code complete. I'll submit it as soon as version 1.01 is approved. Hopefully it'll be out by next week. Here's the change list:

- Replaced UIView based High Score screen with hand coded one
- Added next/prev buttons to high score list for paging through
- Moved life bar to top of screen
- Added run-time score display
- Added 2 new powerups, TimeWarp and Push
- Replaced sound engine with entirely new sound engine
   - This fixes an occasional in-game crash
- Added enemy fire sound back in

And finally, here are several promo codes for anyone on the fence. If you take one, please leave a comment in the thread saying which promo code your taking so others don't waste their time trying them. And please leave a review on the App store if you like the game, as this helps drive sales. And finally, enjoy, and see you on the leaderboards..

Splat promo codes (get it free)



  1. Used the first one AEETEMLM3PJ3

  2. Took the first one: AEETEMLM3PJ3

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    I too was a big fan of Mono. I promise to give an honest review and look forward to your planned updates (the Appstore has been EXTRA slow this last week or so, perhaps they all are at the big Apple Show).

  5. Sorry for the double post.

    Hey how come after using the promo code and happily receiving the game I'm not considered an owner of the game and therefore not able to write a review?

  6. I don't know, can promo copies not write reviews? I do know that the app store has been both flaky and slow lately, and that often reviews take a day or more to show up - so it might just be delayed.

  7. I could have sworn I'd used promo codes before and was accepted as a registered user. I even did a sync and everything so it was right there as one of my applications on my desktop iTunes but no.

    I will keep trying but I'll at least let you know what I was hoping to say...


    Very addictive minimalistic psychedelic Asteroids/Geometry Wars like shooter. While still a little rough around the edges, you can't beat it for the price.

  8. Hi Jason -- good seeing you again. I was sitting at your table at the Post Mortem last week. I was able to grab the last code -- 3NJJYWAFATNL -- gonna give it a try now.

    Good luck!

  9. YEAH! V1.1 made it out today and is LOOKING NICE! A big improvement over v1.0. It now is an extremely solid game.