Wednesday, March 18, 2009

App store review process..

Well, for some reason Apple rejected my first update. Apparently they didn't like one of the error messages (Server Request Failed) when trying to download scores from the web server. I'll change it tonight and submit the 1.1 update, hopefully they'll take less than a week to accept or reject it.

While I'm at it, I wanted to point out something I worked on in my spare time; it's a game designed to help low income single mothers understand how to manage their finances better. It was a real pleasure to work on, because not only did it have a great cause behind it, but more importantly I didn't have to build it myself ;) I basically attended a few brainstorming sessions with other Boston area designers, then followed up with various iterations throughout the process. I'd offer my advice and thoughts, then someone else would figure out what to do with them. All the fun, none of the worry. Ha, if only I could get paid to spout off opinions without filter all the time...

Anyway, the results are really encouraging (more so than I would have thought), and I hope to help out where possible on future games. Check it out here if you'd like:

d2dFund - Celebrity Calamity

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  1. Thanks for your all your help with Celebrity Calamity! As one of the devs in Austin that made the finished project, I think we were really fortunate to have had input from people like yourself to work from -- it helped us make a much better game in the end.